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Hello Everyone,
Just taking a little time to do a little update. Things never seem to move as fast as you'd like. But this year (2013) we have seen progress in the restoration project. The Brady family has really pitched in this year and given us a big boost. Mr Don Brady (who is I believe in his 90s) along with his daughters, Beverly, Susan and Evelyn have almost finished putting up the trim in the three upstairs bedrooms. Others from C.C.H.S. have given them a hand in painting and cleaning. It's really looking good. Thank you everyone for all your hard work.

Our High Tea that was held in May was a huge success. We either seem to hit rainy cold weather or the warmest day of the year. We hit the latter this year. It was good to be able to show our guests the progress that had been made upstairs.

Earlier this month C.C.H.S. held a whopping big yard sale at the Azalea Grange. Bob & Betty Fisher donated most of the items that were sold. We made over $3800.00. Which will go a long way in keeping us running or making more improvements.

There are plans to hold another sale at the Azalea Grange in November as there's still a lot of items left. Including a lot of christmas stuff.

Our annual BBQ & Car show will be held on Sunday Sept.8th at 1:00pm at the Springer/Martin House. Plan to attend. It's always a ton of funn. See you there.
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